Juniors Overview

Overview of Junior Program

Moorabbin Baseball Club caters for all ages and all levels of experience.  Our Summer Junior competitions run from October thru to March.

Little League Minor Friday Night (Under 12) 

Under 12 Friday Night Competition is held every Friday during Summer and caters for beginners and players who have transitioned from TBall.  It is a learning oriented competition providing players with the basic skills of live-pitch baseball in a fun, low pressure competition.  Our Friday Night programs are a wonderful family environment – what a wonderful way to finish the week.

Training for these teams is 5pm Tuesdays beginning on the 1st October.

Under 12 to Under 18 Sunday Morning Competition

For those junior players who have become a little more committed to baseball, we have teams entered in four age categories of the Baseball Victoria Sunday morning competition – Little League Major (Under 12), Intermediate League (11-13 year olds), Under 16’s and Under 18’s.  All junior Baseball Victoria Sunday grades play from 9am to 11am every Sunday through Summer with games played Home and Away.

Age Qualification

Junior grade eligibility for Under 12’s and Under 14’s is calculated as at the 31 August of the season that is being played. For Under 16’s and Under 18’s eligibility is calculated as at the 31 December of the season that is being played. Some players may therefore be eligible to play Under 14’s and Under 16’s. Please contact us if you would like further clarification.

2019/2020 Summer Season Junior Training

Training Times:

Little League Major – Wednesdays 5-6:30pm

Intermediate League – Wednesdays 5-6:30pm

Under 16/Under 18 – Thursdays 6-8pm