Due to the ongoing community health issues associated with COVID-19 DBA have announced that the 2020 Winter season will be cancelled please refer to the official DBA statement below.

Our winter team is moving forward and we have been cleared by BV for training and have been working with Bayside Council to finalise our ground allocation.

There are several new measures in place everyone intending to train must register with Moorabbin/BV (free of charge) through the following link.


We will also be adding a “Winter Team” via team app which all players will need to register on so we can track and record attendances etc.

In addition to BV registration we require all players to complete our (MBC) “return to training” form to ensure all players, parents and coaches have read agree to the conditions set out by Baseball Victoria and Bayside Council.


Baseball Victoria and the Dandenong Baseball Association have announced season start dates for the 2020 season. At this stage seniors will start on July 25th. Exact season structure and all rules and regulations relating to Covid 19 will be released soon.

Stay tuned…for now though, we will continue to train every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5.30pm.